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You can find out all about our hiking adventures on our history page.

About us

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Us at the 2017 April outing at camp Kiser(House mountain)

We are a Boy Scout troop based in Knoxville TN and are a high achieving group of boys known for being a very active troop. We are all interested in outdoor adventure. We go on a weekend outing each month. Typical outings are hiking, camping, backpacking or river adventures. Have fun browsing the site!

We also have a web site on Scoutlander!

The Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America

Learn about the boyscouts here!

We Have Other Websites!

The old website that has been archived is here. It has stuff from 2011-2015.

Our other website is on scoutlander. It has the rest of our history on it.

Special Offer

We are selling christmas wreaths this year. The are $20 a piece. You can buy them out front of Mast General Store downtown on black friday 2017.

Latest activity

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