Winter 2018


(T30 – 02/24/18)

What walks, crouches, creeps, crawls, slithers and slides?

What slept in a darkness that has never seen the light of the sun?

What, for a brief time, inhabited an environment of a constant 56 degrees and 100 percent humidity?

What knows stories about characters named Higginbotham, Henshaw and Chucky and places called Rocky Topper, Lemon Squeezer, Bubblegum Alley and the Hall of the Mountain King?

What has clay stained clothes that will never be restored to their like new appearance despite the claims of Tide, Gain, Cheer and Purex?

What has eaten in a place-called the Volcano Room?

What has played Gaga Ball 333 feet underground?

What makes a camp in a 10-acre room?

What has laid eyes on a Bluegrass Concert Venue a cave troll would never want to miss?

What dares to crawl into a hole that has a padlocked steel door at a bottom of a pit?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions in the past, or even if they have never crossed your mind before now.

We have an answer for you. . .

The answer is a Scout.

A Troop 30 Scout.

A very cool, dirty, adventuresome and tired Troop 30 Scout.

If you ever happen across one of these Scouts crawling out of a hole somewhere or just walking across a parking lot, ask him what he does on some of his weekends!

Questions inspired from the February 2018 Troop 30 Outing to Cumberland Caverns.

- T30 Historian-at-Large

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